Practice Team

Practice Management

Kamlesh Patel – Practice Manager is responsible for running our Practice and is available to discuss any questions or suggestions you may have.

Operational Support Manager – Kate Mobbs.

Supported by our administration, secretarial, finance and systems team members.

Patient Care Navigators

Our Patient Care Navigators are members of staff who are trained to help you

Patient Care Navigators can have a range of ‘day jobs’ – in our practice they are receptionists and admin team members – and their role is to actively listen, to signpost people to sources of help, advocacy and support, and to help people play an active role in managing their own health.

Care navigation gives people options to access the care and information which best meets their health and social care needs. This helps them to be seen by the right person, at the right place and at the right time.

Why do our Care Navigators ask personal questions?

Our care navigators are a vital part of our health care team and ask questions to direct you to the best care. They are supported by highly trained clinical teams and are skilled in assisting with triage. They also work to strict codes of patient confidentiality. Our care navigators will ask you questions to assess who needs:

· a phone or face to face consultation

· help to complete an e-consult

· help from a community pharmacy

· support to request administrative help

Our ‘medically urgent for today’ appointments are triaged, and a clinician will ring you back to understand the urgency and type of contact required.

Our practice team now includes a range of professionals, including doctors, specialist nurse practitioners and social prescribers, who can diagnose and treat health conditions.

This ensures you see the right person at the right time more quickly.

All staff adhere to the Practice’s Confidentiality Policy and Data Protection Act 2018.