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Appointments, Tests & Referrals

There are many ways to seek advice from one of our Healthcare Professionals :

Our telephone lines and doors remain open. We continue to see patients face to face, as we have done throughout the COVID 19 pandemic, but all initial appointments will take place on the telephone, or by video consultation. This allows the clinician to assess where, when and by whom you may need to be seen, and has in turn improved our access.

We will request that you do not attend the surgery if you have symptoms of COVID – 19 including fever, new cough, loss of smell. Patients with suspected or confirmed COVID -19 will be reviewed if clinically indicated, after initial telephone triage by our clinicians.

We request that you wear a face covering for any face to face appointment in the Practice and follow the instructions given to you by the clinician you are seeing that day. We will require you to sanitise your hands on entry and may also check your temperature.

30% of patients with COVID – 19 have no symptoms.

Our waiting rooms do not have the space for safe social distancing measures so these remain closed. Patients are given clear arrival times and waiting times kept to a minimum.

We must ensure the safety of all those we look after, including patients attending for chemotherapy blood tests, those on immunosuppressive medication, pregnant patients, the elderly or frail patients. Even those who have been fully vaccinated are still at risk.

Online consultations are available with your Doctor. They will be accessible via e-consult. You will get a reply from your GP by the end of the next working day. This might save booking an appointment.

Consult with a GP

“Red Flag” Symptoms Dial 999

A “Red Flag” is a worrying symptom requiring urgent medical attention, for example, sudden onset of pain and feeling unwell, sudden onset chest pain, children under 2 with a high temperature and a non-blanching rash, a possible stroke (think FAST – Facial drooping, Arm weakness, Speech difficulties, Time to call emergency services), a head wound which will not stop bleeding, sudden onset abdominal pain, sudden shortness of breath. The main focus is timing.  Dial 999 for emergency assistance.