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We have a team of experienced Practice Nurses who are trained in a wide range of clinical areas including: Minor illness management, Chronic disease management e.g. asthma, diabetes and COPD, childhood immunisations, health promotion, dressings, Doppler studies, smear tests and contraception, including coil and implant counselling

Joanna Venegas RGN DipHE

JoJo works full time and brings a wealth of varied experience to our team. Her background in Trauma & Orthopaedics, Oncology, Urgent Care Virtual Ward (providing hospital care in the home) and over a decade in our local ED, equips her well for life in Primary Care. She is also trained in immunisations and minor illness. She is also highly skilled in managing our elderly population, having worked in nursing homes providing a holistic approach to each patient. She is currently undertaking further training in womens health.

Jacqui Plank RGN, BSc

Jacqui is a super experienced nurse, having worked in various hospital and senior community roles. She specialises in Women’s health and contraception. She offers Long Acting Contraception including IUD/IUCD (coil) fitting and contraceptive implant fitting, depo injections, pessary fitting and smears. She also reviews all requests for travel immunisations, bringing her wealth of experience and skill in this area

Jess Westell RGN, BSc

Jess is an experienced nurse with extensive experience in both practice nursing as lead practice nurse at a neighbouring practice and also acute care, having worked at a local ED department for many years. She provides our patients with care in the treatment room including chronic disease management, dressings and immunisations.

Stella Mitchell RGN, BSc – Bank Nurse

Stella has worked in a variety of nursing roles including Community Staff Nurse in South Oxfordshire, before joining our surgery. She is now semi retired and helps us out when she is not travelling around the world or spending time with her family. Stella has a special interest in dementia and COPD management. She is skilled in wound and palliative care.

GP Assisstants

GP Assistant – Tamsin Witts

Tamsin has extensive experience in GP administration including coding, reviews, and recall management. She is also clinically trained to carry out a range of medical procedures including phlebotomy, vitamin B12 injections, ECGs, Dopplers, dressings, assisting minor surgery and coils, cancer care reviews, post natal reviews, post hospital discharge reviews. This helps provide our patients and clinical team with a holistic approach to their care

GP Assistant – Louise Jones

Louise has recently joined out team, bringing her skills and experience from her previous career in elderly care in nursing homes. She is trained in phlebotomy and blood pressure readings, and will be adding new skills including ECGs, dressings, diabetic foot checks. She will also be helping ensure patients with chronic diseases are up to date with monitoring. She will be working with our elderly patients to help provide care plans and dementia reviews and providing reviews and support to our more frail patients who have recently been discharged from hospital.

Healthcare Assistants and Phlebotomist

Our Healthcare Assistants and Phlebotomist are trained to carry out a wide range of medical procedures including blood tests, blood pressure monitoring, spirometry, ECGs and weight management counselling. They are also involved in NHS Health Checks, diabetic checks and learning disability checks.

Parris O’Donnell – Healthcare Assistant

Lesley Cole – Phlebotomist