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In House Memory Clinic

We have an in-house memory diagnostic assessment clinic run by Dr Simon Morris and Nurse Stella Mitchell available for our patients.

What happens at these clinics?

At the memory clinic people will spend 30 minutes with Nurse Stella then a further 30 minutes with Dr Simon Morris. The outcome we are aiming for is to help formalise a diagnosis, work out how people are managing & what support they may need to maintain their independence. 

Anybody who is diagnosed with a significant memory disorder will need further investigations with blood tests & if appropriate a CT brain scan. If medication may be helpful, we will be able to commence that.

Everybody diagnosed with a memory disorder also has an advance care plan agreed so that we are clear how they want to be looked after in the future.

Who is it for?

Any patient who has memory issues who have already discussed their concerns  with their usual GP. They will have undergone an initial screening memory check, blood testing and then been referred by their own GP to our in house clinic.

The Benefits

This allows our patients to receive a diagnosis and management plan in primary care, from the clinical team who know them well.

It helps reduce stress and anxiety often linked to travelling to unfamiliar hospitals and allows us to formulate an advanced care plan together with the patient and their family.

What happens next?

Follow up is with an informal team consisting of the patient’s own GP, nurse Stella  & the Dementia Advisors

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