Hepatitis C and contaminated blood products in the press

Find out how to get a free home test for hepatitis C Hepatitis C is a virus that can infect the liver. If left untreated, it can sometimes cause serious and potentially life-threatening damage to the liver over many years. But with modern treatments, it’s usually possible to cure the infection, and most people with it will have

Pharmaself Prescription Machine

Our new prescription vending machines are ready to use

We are grateful to the Medical Equipment Fund and Trustees who have helped contribute towards these wonderful machines that will make collection of medications more easy and convenient than ever before for our patients.

The Pharmaself 24 machines allow you to collect your prescription medications when it suits YOU

For patients juggling work, family and other commitments, there is a real benefit in knowing you can collect your medicines any time of the day, any day of the week. More than that, you know there will be no waiting in a queue, and no chance of your prescription not being ready after having made the journey to the surgeries.

We are proud to be one of the first few GP surgeries in the country to adopt this new service for our dispensing patient community

The Pharmaself24

The Pharmaself24 enables you to collect your prescription 24 HOURS A DAY – 365 DAYS A YEAR

Once your prescription is ready you will receive an SMS message to your mobile phone with a unique PIN allowing you to collect your prescription from your nominated machine at either Goring or Woodcote Practice


Can all types of medication be collected from the machine?

No. Controlled drugs and items that require refrigeration must be collected from dispensary

Can all our registered patients use the machines?

Unfortunately no. This is not our decision, but strictly regulated by the Government

Only certain patients are eligible to receive dispensing services (i.e collect medications) from a dispensing GP Surgery. There are very strict regulations that govern these situations in that eligible patients must live in a designated rural area and live more than a mile from the nearest pharmacy.

How long will my medication remain in the Pharmaself machine for?

You will have 4 days to collect your medications after being notified by SMS message. You will be sent a reminder 24 hours before the deadline to collect

How are prescription charges dealt with?

You will be able to specify if you have a prepayment certificate or are exempt from charges when you collect from the machine. You will be able to pay at the machine using chip and pin/contactless methods if you pay for your prescriptions

Can someone collect my medication on my behalf – e.g. my carer or family member?

You can nominate your SMS message notification code to be sent to your mobile or to that of your family/carer so they are able to collect using the unique code on your behalf.

Do I have to collect my medication from the Pharmaself machine, will dispensary still be open?

No. Signing up to use the machine or having your medications collected by your nominated person from the machine is completely optional. Dispensary will still be open from 8am till 6.30pm. Obviously we are biased and think everyone one should use the machines, but we do appreciate it won’t suit everyone!