COVID Spring Booster

We would like to inform you that our surgery will NOT be providing the COVID-19 spring booster April 2024. If you wish to book, please call NHS119 or contact the local pharmacy.

Clinical Specialist Team

Advanced Physiotherapist Practitioner – Liz Radcliffe

Liz is an experienced senior physiotherapist who is able to offer ‘first contact’ reviews for our patients who are presenting with a new musculoskeletal problem. She is able to assess, diagnose and refer onto secondary care if needed.

Paramedic Practitioner – Kate Moss

Kate is a senior paramedic practitioner who has worked for SCAS. She joins our team offering minor illness appointments and a home visiting service for those patients who are housebound and unable to get to surgery

Clinical Pharmacist Prescriber – Mitalli Bhatt

Mitalli is a skilled community pharmacist who now works in primary care, supporting the clinical team and patients with her expertise in medication reviews. She also specialises in hypertension, cardiovascular disease and metabolic bone disease and is able to offer tailored advice to patients.