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Medical reviews at our new Health Kiosk

Health Kiosk at Goring Surgery

Our new health kiosk allows patients to answer health questions from a library of care pathways, taking measurements including height, weight, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and heart rate. This information can be collected to help you and our clinical team better manage your health and long term conditions.

It is easy to use and there are clear instructions available by the machine to help guide you to use the machine. We also have our team of friendly Care Navigators on hand who can help get you started or support you to use it.

Results are seamlessly integrated with your medical record, allowing our healthcare professionals to have your readings and information before your appointment, saving clinical time which can then be dedicated to your care.

The kiosk can be used to help us gather data to complete health checks, diabetes reviews, contraception reviews, weight management reviews etc.

We will invite patients to use it as part of their health condition or medical review.

We may request you come 10 minutes before your booked appointment to use it to help gather data and information about your medical conditions.

The health kiosk is situated in a separate room, near the waiting room, allowing privacy whilst taking your measurements and completing health questionnaires.

Please feel free to visit the Goring Surgery and use our kiosk and contribute to better patient care. If you have any questions about the health kiosk or how it might benefit you, please ask to speak to Lucas Da Silva or one of our Care Navigation team. Our team can help support you to use it if needed.

Health Kiosk at the surgery