COVID Spring Booster

We would like to inform you that our surgery will NOT be providing the COVID-19 spring booster April 2024. If you wish to book, please call NHS119 or contact the local pharmacy.

Stop Smoking Day

Stop for Life Oxon provides free support to people who want to quit smoking in Oxfordshire

No matter how young or old, and no matter how long you’ve been smoking, they can help you quit for good.

Stop for Life Oxon is a free support service commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council.

You’re 3 times more likely to stop smoking with their help. Their flexible programme also means you can stop smoking with as much or as little support as you want. They can provide free nicotine replacement patches, gum and 1 to 1 coaching.

The long-term health improvements that come when you stop smoking are well-documented. Within an hour, the heart rate drops back to normal and blood pressure returns to normal. Quit smoking for good and the chances of death from smoking-related diseases drops drastically.

Download the guide to smoke free family homes here:

Other benefits when you quit smoking can include having more money in your pocket and improvements in your social life.

For whatever reason you want to kick the habit, they can help Oxfordshire’s residents free themselves from cigarettes and enjoy a smoke-free future.S

Stop for Life Oxon and the Best-You app are entirely free to use in your journey to finally becoming smoke-free and building a healthier lifestyle