Test Results

Test results are returned to the clinician who requested them, if this is a hospital consultant or outpatient clinic they will need to inform you of the results.  Please contact the Consultant’s secretary on the number at the top of your clinic letter.

  • Most blood test results are received within 48 hours.
  • Samples that need checking for infection usually take at least 3 working days.
  • X-rays and scans may take a week to be reported.

If the test was requested by the surgery, one of our doctors will usually have checked this by the afternoon of the day it is received.  After that you can:

  • Check the result online, please register for online access at reception (this is the best and quickest way).
  • Call reception after 2.00 pm to check it is normal / acceptable.
  • Discuss them at your appointment if you have been asked to make one.

We receive around 100 results a day, each of which has up to 20 parameters to review.

  • When checking your results online, please note that it is very common to have a few parameters outside the normal range.  If these are not significant the doctor will often mark the result acceptable / stable.
  • If a test shows a significant result, we will contact you to arrange appropriate follow up.
  • We will NOT notify you if the results are normal / acceptable / stable.

Please see www.labtestsonline.co.uk for a thorough explanation of results. This is a patient facing website written by pathologists, and is supported by the Department of Health.