COVID Spring Booster update

We will not be offering Spring booster vaccines at our Practice. More info here about how to book if you are eligible

HRT supply issues in the media

HRT shortages are in the media again – as demand for these medications currently outstrips supply.

The biggest issues are currently with the body identical Oestrogel and Sandrena gel which many of our patients use.

Supplies are coming into our dispensary and local pharmacies, but we cannot predict when and how much we will get delivered.

Our advice is:

  • Do not panic or stockpile – we will be able to help you find a solution
  • Ensure you request your prescriptions in advance, do not leave it to the last few days before you run out
  • If there is no stock at the first pharmacy you try, please do try others locally as they may well have supplies
  • If you are unable to get any and are worried about running out, please let us know – contact us via ‘e consult’ and we can issue you an alternative preparation

Here is a useful article from Dr Louise Newson – Menopause Doctor