Spring COVID Booster Clinics

COVID Boosters are coming! Book now online or by speaking to reception. More information including eligibility criteria and type of vaccine here

COVID Recovery Letters

We regret that we are unable to provide these letters, but there are a range of private providers who are able to help with this.

There are two main reasons that we have had to make this decision.

Firstly, we are only able to state that someone is ‘recovered’ from covid after carrying out an assessment, this is a restriction of our medical registration and indemnity. We have no facilities to arrange coronavirus testing and no capacity to offer appointments for this purpose.

Secondly, we are working flat out to provide patient care, catching up with nearly 2 years of reviews & care that have been postponed and with the ongoing pandemic, along with all our usual responsibilities.

COVID recovery letters are needed for travel purposes rather than health, they are NOT an NHS service.

We hope that you will understand why we not currently in a position to provide this private service.