Spring COVID Booster Clinics

COVID Boosters are coming! Book now online or by speaking to reception. More information including eligibility criteria and type of vaccine here

COVID Vaccines – Final clinic Goring 9/1/22

This our final COVID vaccine clinic. We are offering boosters, second doses or primary doses available to any eligible patients

We are welcoming:

All patients, even those registered elsewhere (apart from Wallingford Medical Practice who are keen to vaccinate their own patients)

Boosters for those aged 18+ who are 12 weeks post second dose

First or second doses for patients aged 12-17

Immunosuppressed patients can book their 4th dose (12 weeks post third primary dose)

Check below for the latest eligibility criteria

Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

How can I book?

Walk in slots available or you can ring reception to book in directly

You are also able to book online using Patient Access or the NHS App

Which vaccine will I get?

In line with the JCVI advice, we will be giving Pfizer vaccines. This is recommended even if you had a different vaccine for your first and second dose. We are not receiving deliveries of any other type of booster vaccine. If you are unable to have the Pfizer vaccine (e.g. had an anaphylactic reaction to this) you

Will I need to wait afterwards?

No. The MHRA no longer requires us to observe patients for 15 minutes post administration of the Pfizer vaccine.

I’m unable to attend the clinics you are offering – what can I do?

Please use the online national booking system or call 119 and you can arrange to attend an alternative site. You can only book if it’s been at least 3 months since your 2nd dose


I’ve recently had Covid can I still book in for my booster?

Please do not book into a clinic within 4 weeks of your positive covid result.

Can I have another vaccine, such as flu, within 7 days of my Covid Booster?

Yes, with the exception of Shingles vaccine please leave a 7 day gap between any shingles and COVID vaccine bookings.

Why can’t I see my COVID booster on the NHS App?

The NHS App has only just been updated to display a 3rd or booster dose. Your medical record will be updated with this information but may take a few weeks to show on the App.

Upcoming dates and criteria

Final clinic:
Sunday 9th January AM/PMGoring Surgery